Thursday, 11 February 2016

‘Platinum Theme wedding’ for the ‘Wow’ factor!!

‘Platinum’ is a precious, gray-white transition metal. And, you know what, what? Why are you looking so baffled? Oops!! Chemistry....Actually, we were trying to find something interesting for your upcoming wedding. And, we suddenly encountered the concept of Platinum Wedding Theme and as a general curiosity, you know it no? Okay, okay!! No more chemistry, just pure Platinum Wedding Inspirations, Platinum Wedding Ideas, Platinum Wedding Decor, Platinum Wedding Invitations, and lot of platinum.

Err! We heard you saying why platinum? Simple, it’s trendy. It’s stylish. And trust us; it is what you are looking for your “Dream Wedding Theme”. So, now when you are convinced, you want to know more about it. Go and find it online. Hey hold! We are sorry. We know that you want us to tell you everything. With our commitment to serve you in the best possible manner, we are always at your service. And, here is the list of everything that you could do with the Platinum Wedding Theme.

Platinum Wedding Decoration

Man! You need to trust us that we have invested a lot of time and efforts to give you perfect Platinum wedding inspirations. You don’t believe us. In Such a case, read what we have for you. Since we have suggested the platinum Wedding theme, the Wedding Decoration should indeed reflect a lot of platinum. Simple Platinum?? Of course not darling! Just add some hints of softer shades with platinum to get the perfect romantic feel. What else? Hmm!  For the reception tables, you can mix frames, floral, candles and platinum painted small bottles to give a perfect ‘platinum’ feel. That’s not all. You can decorate the chairs with platinum sequin covers. Flowers do make a difference in any wedding. Yeah! Add the hint of platinum in your flower decoration as well. I guess the stephanotis flowers and cymbidium orchids will be ideal. You can also add a wow factor to your wedding with the professional lighting that will help in intensifying the platinum theme of your wedding. We can see that you have already started getting the ‘platinum feeling’.

Platinum Bridesmaid Dresses and Bouquet

All the gorgeous ‘brides to be’, please pay attention!! Why? Just because we are about to give the foolproof cues to leave everyone spellbound at your wedding. Now, you seem to be interested! The most popular trend in the wedding these days is changing dresses. So, you can wear a white traditional dress at your wedding and change into second dress for the reception. With White gown during the wedding, keep a neutral bouquet with subtle hints of the platinum shade. What is special in it? So, here comes the surprise!! At your reception, you can wear a sleeker platinum party gown with dramatic drop earrings and strappy, platinum bridal shoes. You can also change your hairstyle to enhance the Platinum theme. May some platinum hair accessories will do the magic!!

Platinum Wedding Invitations

What are you doing to ensure the presence of your loved ones on your special day? Nothing!! Why? It’s pretty simple. All this takes is a Wedding Invitation that reflects how desperate you are to see your friends and family at your wedding. Yeah, that’s all!! For the platinum theme wedding, you ought to choose the ideal platinum wedding Invitation to match the theme. The colour of your Wedding Card must carry the subtle hints of platinum for the perfection. And to intensify the charisma of these glamorous platinum Wedding Invitations, you can use matching envelope and embellish them with sparkly platinum band.

Platinum touch to the Music

“Some Say love, it is a river
That drowns the tender reed.
Some say love, it is a razor.....”

We were just trying to find the most romantic and fascinating love songs for your wedding. And, we came across some highly fantastic platinum love songs. Why music? Well, music is a key ingredient of any lavish platinum wedding and it perfectly sets the mood of the wedding. If you cannot afford a full band and you feel it will be too pricey. Then try one talented piano player, one harpist and a soloist to set the prefect ambiance for your wedding and ask them to play the soft-soothing romantic love songs. 

So, what is the theme of your wedding? Platinum!! We knew it!!

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