Thursday, 11 February 2016

‘Platinum Theme wedding’ for the ‘Wow’ factor!!

‘Platinum’ is a precious, gray-white transition metal. And, you know what, what? Why are you looking so baffled? Oops!! Chemistry....Actually, we were trying to find something interesting for your upcoming wedding. And, we suddenly encountered the concept of Platinum Wedding Theme and as a general curiosity, you know it no? Okay, okay!! No more chemistry, just pure Platinum Wedding Inspirations, Platinum Wedding Ideas, Platinum Wedding Decor, Platinum Wedding Invitations, and lot of platinum.

Err! We heard you saying why platinum? Simple, it’s trendy. It’s stylish. And trust us; it is what you are looking for your “Dream Wedding Theme”. So, now when you are convinced, you want to know more about it. Go and find it online. Hey hold! We are sorry. We know that you want us to tell you everything. With our commitment to serve you in the best possible manner, we are always at your service. And, here is the list of everything that you could do with the Platinum Wedding Theme.

Platinum Wedding Decoration

Man! You need to trust us that we have invested a lot of time and efforts to give you perfect Platinum wedding inspirations. You don’t believe us. In Such a case, read what we have for you. Since we have suggested the platinum Wedding theme, the Wedding Decoration should indeed reflect a lot of platinum. Simple Platinum?? Of course not darling! Just add some hints of softer shades with platinum to get the perfect romantic feel. What else? Hmm!  For the reception tables, you can mix frames, floral, candles and platinum painted small bottles to give a perfect ‘platinum’ feel. That’s not all. You can decorate the chairs with platinum sequin covers. Flowers do make a difference in any wedding. Yeah! Add the hint of platinum in your flower decoration as well. I guess the stephanotis flowers and cymbidium orchids will be ideal. You can also add a wow factor to your wedding with the professional lighting that will help in intensifying the platinum theme of your wedding. We can see that you have already started getting the ‘platinum feeling’.

Platinum Bridesmaid Dresses and Bouquet

All the gorgeous ‘brides to be’, please pay attention!! Why? Just because we are about to give the foolproof cues to leave everyone spellbound at your wedding. Now, you seem to be interested! The most popular trend in the wedding these days is changing dresses. So, you can wear a white traditional dress at your wedding and change into second dress for the reception. With White gown during the wedding, keep a neutral bouquet with subtle hints of the platinum shade. What is special in it? So, here comes the surprise!! At your reception, you can wear a sleeker platinum party gown with dramatic drop earrings and strappy, platinum bridal shoes. You can also change your hairstyle to enhance the Platinum theme. May some platinum hair accessories will do the magic!!

Platinum Wedding Invitations

What are you doing to ensure the presence of your loved ones on your special day? Nothing!! Why? It’s pretty simple. All this takes is a Wedding Invitation that reflects how desperate you are to see your friends and family at your wedding. Yeah, that’s all!! For the platinum theme wedding, you ought to choose the ideal platinum wedding Invitation to match the theme. The colour of your Wedding Card must carry the subtle hints of platinum for the perfection. And to intensify the charisma of these glamorous platinum Wedding Invitations, you can use matching envelope and embellish them with sparkly platinum band.

Platinum touch to the Music

“Some Say love, it is a river
That drowns the tender reed.
Some say love, it is a razor.....”

We were just trying to find the most romantic and fascinating love songs for your wedding. And, we came across some highly fantastic platinum love songs. Why music? Well, music is a key ingredient of any lavish platinum wedding and it perfectly sets the mood of the wedding. If you cannot afford a full band and you feel it will be too pricey. Then try one talented piano player, one harpist and a soloist to set the prefect ambiance for your wedding and ask them to play the soft-soothing romantic love songs. 

So, what is the theme of your wedding? Platinum!! We knew it!!

About the Author
Mr. is the co founder of A2zWeddingCards. With his years of experience in wedding card designing, he excels in writing exclusive wedding related blogs. His website is a splendid space for latest wedding invitations designs and ideas. He is highly devoted and amorous for the work he performs. With his remarkable work in the industry, he continues to be a palpable wedding columnist with an incredible and prodigious writing talent.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Add Neon Accent in your wedding!

Neon is back in fashion! The striking cool shades of neon first managed to find its place in the hearts of the college goers and now it is a must have for every set of age group. The exciting shades of neon add a splash of colors to the ambiance and create a sparkling effect. Primarily there are 5 shades of neon which includes:
  1.  Neon Yellow
  2.  Neon Orange
  3.  Neon Pink
  4.  Neon Green
  5.  Neon Blue
Neon Weddings

Make these eye pleasing tinctures a part of your wedding this season. The electrifying hues can be paired well with each other to create a whole new dramatic effect on the Big Day. Wrap up neon from tip to toe and get ready to hear the praises of your delighted guests. Here are a few ways by which neon can be incorporated well into the wedding:

Playful Modern Wedding Invitation

There are many who love flipping the pages of the magazines and newspapers, reading nothing just glaring at the beautiful photographs (I am of the lot). If you too are one of them then I am sure you will enjoy pinning down your wedding stationery. Play with colors and add a cool color combination of neon to your Modern Wedding Invitations.

Neon Weddings Invitations

Go shopping!

Now, here comes the most provocative part for the female fashion enthusiasts- the dress. And the good news is that in neon wedding theme, the scope of experiment is the highest. Dress up your bridesmaids in different shades of neon one can wear neon yellow the second one neon pink and so on. In this way all the shades of neon will get a chance to flourish in your neon wedding. Plus, the groomsmen can wear socks of neon shades to add a vibrant charm to the day.

Neon Weddings Dresses

For a zesty backdrop

Don’t tell me you are also thinking the same- Neon green walls with stripes of neon pink? The classic color combination has made its place in quarters of fashionable elites. And for sure this will give you some real good photographs on your wedding day as well. The vibrant color will automatically add glow to your snapshots.

Flowers and leaves
Please do note- it’s not only about flowers but also about leaves! Add peppy neon flowers and leaves to your bridal bouquet and get ready to flaunt with grace as you walk down the aisle. Aren’t you bored of those roses and lilies? The rich shades of neon are sure to catch the eyes of everyone and above all, this concept is so unique.

Neon Weddings Flowers

That little extra
Neon nailpaints are so classy! Neon yellow high heels are so much in vogue! Neon green headpiece to catch everyone’s eyes!  Grab it all for your Big Day. Neon pink symbolizes love so make sure you have done a good amount of DIY for your wedding decorations with tinctures of neon pink. A trick for you will be to do the DIY by making use of geometric patterns and designs.  Geometric designs dipped in neon are the newest wrinkle these days.

The pulpy wedding cake

When everyone is wearing neon why should the cake be left naked? Brush up the wedding cake in shades of neon. It will not only look whimsical but will also prove out to be a mouth watering element of the wedding day.

Neon Weddings Decor and Cake

Wish you a wedding as vibrant and voguish as you are! Happy Wedding! 

Author Bio:

Mr. Saurabh Agarwal is the co founder of A2zWeddingCards. With his years of experience in wedding card designing, he excels in writing exclusive wedding related blogs. His website is a splendid space for latest wedding invitations designs and ideas. He is highly devoted and amorous for the work he performs. With his remarkable work in the industry, he continues to be a palpable wedding columnist with an incredible and prodigious writing talent.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

How can we make Hindu wedding so special?

hindu wedding invitation
hindu wedding eventSince we know that Hindu religion is entirely different from others. It differs in culture, ritual process and the way of living from other community. So, in the same way wedding and related things also differ.The origination of Hindu is mainly in India. In Hindu community people strongly believe in god and celebrate each and every festival as well as some important function on behalf of god. But among all those wedding is one of them and most important occasion that people celebrate with full of joy along with various ritual and traditional process especially in India.  

So, there are some special points which I’m going to prescribe you along with some picture of cards in my purport:

    hindu wedding
    wedding invitation
  •  Besides choosing wedding gowns, venue and hospitality services the first basic need and most important thing is wedding cards which play very important role in our wedding. So, we must prepare our wedding cards in such a way that could be able to impress our guests and reflect our personality and view. For this we need to mention some basic information like some mantras, god images, all the information regarding wedding such as names of bride and groom, all the ritual process with date and timing should be clear along with good font and printing.
  • Apart from swanky and beautiful wedding cards, Wedding gowns are important. In Hindu wedding people should prefer sari along with jewelry which increase bride and groom attractiveness. However, people can also prefer as they like. It gives traditional Indian look and represents Indian culture.
  • To include all these things in wedding cards are considered pious and auspicious in the Indian point of view.

Swanky Collection of Christian Wedding Cards Design

One of the most awaited things in the human entire life is wedding. This is the time when both bride and groom pledge for good future. In Christian community Wedding is a social event during which couples accept some ritual process for eternal life in presence of lots of people in the church. As we all know Christian wedding is well known for its simplicity, purity of love and white color is mainly preferred in their wedding because of its soberness and simplicity. So, before going to the wedding we prepare for many more things such as dresses, wedding venue and some other things. But, however among all these things the first basic need is wedding cards by which we can present our view to the guest in a better way and wedding cards also represent our personality.

christian wedding invitations

So, it is necessary to choose wedding card firstly and it must be unique in color, information along with good design by using some motif and monogram that are much more useful in making the card unique. On behalf of all my knowledge regarding Christianity I have presented so many swanky Christian wedding invitations design with different color palette and printing which would be useful for who are looking for swanky and dapper collection. I think these fancy snaps that I have presented is my best effort in this new era because it contains all the design which are relevant in the Christian wedding point of view and the people which require wedding cards design then this collection would really make them exotic.  

christian cards
christian wedding cards

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Custom Invitation for a Wedding Event

We all know wedding is most sophisticated occasion that occurs in everyone’s life. This is most important and challenging day for both bride and groom. There are so many things which one has to perform but among all those wedding cards plays very important role in our wedding by which we explore our views to the friends or relatives. In some country People perform some ritual process on behalf of past saying and God during wedding. This is considered very auspicious especially in India where Wedding ceremony is celebrated with many traditional process and mantras. So, one wedding card will be complete in information until It would contain all these relevant things regarding wedding and one more thing Information is valuable but besides these we should made changes in wedding design by changing its appearance and features i.e., Customize wedding cards in color palette, lining, monograms and motif.

Scroll wedding card design

These features make wedding cards sophisticated in all aspect and give gorgeous look. These are the easy and wonderful way to impress someone. Also you can use some other techniques to do so. Now, Let us discuss some points on this topic:

Motif and Some Monograms

Basically Motif is a design that is used as a decoration or as a part of an artistic pattern. But on the other hand, Monograms are designs which are based on the first letter’s names which are put on things such as clothes and papers for special purpose especially in occasions. All these things are important which we need to keep in mind when going to choose a wedding cards design. Now a day, there are many designs available that you can chose according to your choice.