Saturday, 12 October 2013

How can we make Hindu wedding so special?

hindu wedding invitation
hindu wedding eventSince we know that Hindu religion is entirely different from others. It differs in culture, ritual process and the way of living from other community. So, in the same way wedding and related things also differ.The origination of Hindu is mainly in India. In Hindu community people strongly believe in god and celebrate each and every festival as well as some important function on behalf of god. But among all those wedding is one of them and most important occasion that people celebrate with full of joy along with various ritual and traditional process especially in India.  

So, there are some special points which I’m going to prescribe you along with some picture of cards in my purport:

    hindu wedding
    wedding invitation
  •  Besides choosing wedding gowns, venue and hospitality services the first basic need and most important thing is wedding cards which play very important role in our wedding. So, we must prepare our wedding cards in such a way that could be able to impress our guests and reflect our personality and view. For this we need to mention some basic information like some mantras, god images, all the information regarding wedding such as names of bride and groom, all the ritual process with date and timing should be clear along with good font and printing.
  • Apart from swanky and beautiful wedding cards, Wedding gowns are important. In Hindu wedding people should prefer sari along with jewelry which increase bride and groom attractiveness. However, people can also prefer as they like. It gives traditional Indian look and represents Indian culture.
  • To include all these things in wedding cards are considered pious and auspicious in the Indian point of view.

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