Thursday, 10 October 2013

What to do before wedding ceremony!

As we all know the wedding is special occasion which occurs in everyone life at once and everyone want to make it memorable and unique for himself as well as for his family, friends. Apart from that they want to give it trendier, glamor and fancy look as we have entered into the new era. Before wedding one have to prepare many more things such as wedding venue, cards, catering, dresses and some other things. So, undertaking all this information’s we must plan the wedding related information very carefully along with time management. Here I am going to suggest some important topic regarding wedding which is listed below:
Christians wedding cards
  1.  First thing is to prepare the wedding guest list along with time Schedule where you can manage the guest that when to send invitations.  Besides this it would also be helpful for those guests who are going to participate in your wedding can manage their time in this busy schedule. 
  2. I think wedding card is the second and most important things before the wedding ceremony.  So, beautiful wedding cards is the only way through which we reflect our views in a well manner. It must all the relevant information’s regarding wedding with good color palette, trendy and fancy look.
  3. Now, Wedding venue should be fashionable, decorated with beautiful flowers containing good fragrance and chosen in such a way that all the guest could reach easily. You can choose your own location but also gardens would be better give natural feeling. 
  4.  Wedding dresses now comes after all the above that reflect bridegroom personality. According to me you can prefer white dress for bride and black for groom which is being mostly preferred.
  5. Besides all the four catering and hospitality also plays important role that attract our guest and relatives as well. 

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